1. Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross - Soul (Original Score) Vinyl
  2. Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross - Soul (Original Score) Vinyl

Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross

Soul (Original Score)

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For the upcoming Pixar film, Soul, Oscar-winning duo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network) from Nine Inch Nails, composed an original score drifts between the real and soul worlds. The film journeys from the streets of New York City to cosmic realms and "The You Seminar", a fantastical place where we discover our unique personalities. Voice cast includes Ahmir Questlove Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Daveed Diggs, Tina Fey and Jamie Foxx. Original score available on vinyl December 18th.
1 The Great Beyond
2 Falling
3 The Great Before U Seminar
4 Jump to Earth
5 Terry Time
6 Joe's Life
7 Portal
8 Run Astral Plane
9 Lost Soul
10 Meditation Return to Earth
11 Terry Time Too
12 Is Ready
13 Pursuit Terry's World
14 Betrayal
15 Lost
16 Epiphany
17 Ship Chase
18 Escape Inside
19 Flashback
20 Earthbound
21 Thank You
22 Enjoy Every Minute
23 Just Us

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