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Thurston Moore

Psychic Hearts

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2xLP, Black Vinyl

A1. Queen Bee And Her Pals 2:57
A2. Ono Soul 3:29
A3. Psychic Hearts 4:00
A4. Pretty Bad 3:59
A5. Patti Smith Math Scratch 3:04
A6. Blues From Beyond The Grave 4:16
A7. See-Through Play/Mate 2:18
B1. Hang Out 4:11
B2. Feathers 2:20
B3. Tranquilizer 2:07
B4. Staring Statues 2:35
B5. Cindy (Rotten Tanx) 3:47
B6. Cherry's Blues 2:09
B7. Female Cop 5:28
C. Elegy For All The Dead Rock Stars 19:19
. Bonus Tracks (LP Only)
D1. Teenage Buddhist Daydream 2:36
D2. Just Tell Her That I Really Like Her 3:02
D3. The Church Should Be For The Outcast, Not A Church That Casts People Out 6:47
D4. Thoodblirsty Thesbians 6:09
D5. Superchrist 3:10

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