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The Magnetic Fields


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The Magnetic Fields’ 2004 Nonesuch debut was the long-awaited follow-up to the beloved 69 Love Songs. i found singer-songwriter Stephin Merritt in full possession of his acerbic wit, and the album features lyrics ripe with melancholy and bittersweet imagery. At the time of release, the Guardian wrote, ‘Merritt is an incomparable lyricist capable of balancing arch wit with painfully acute observation. The most exciting dissector of modern love around.’ To date, Merritt has written and recorded twelve Magnetic Fields albums, including the critically acclaimed 2017 Nonesuch box set, 50 Song Memoir, and, most recently, 2020’s Quickies. Available on vinyl for the first time, on exclusive gold vinyl with a die cut cover.

1. I Die
2. I Don’t Believe
3. I Don’t Really Love You Anymore
4. I Looked All Over Town
5. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
6. I Was Born
7. I Wish I Had an Evil Twin
8. If There’s Such a Thing as Love
9. I’m Tongue-Tied
10. In an Operetta
11. Infinitely Late at Night
12. Irma
13. Is This What They Used to Call Love
14. It’s Only Time

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