1. The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle Vinyl
  2. The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle Vinyl

The Zombies

Odessey And Oracle

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Limited vinyl LP repressing of this 1968 album. The custom 'vintage' package is totally bespoke and original, and perfectly replicate the style of classic LP covers of the early 1960s period, with exceptional scanning, detailed reproduction of artwork and printing to original specifications made up from two parts, complete with traditional fold-over flaps, thin 'crushed' spine and finished with front side only special laminate. This classic landmark psychedelic rock album is now available re-mastered in stereo sound and presented as a highly collectable Vinyl LP that is a faithful replica of the original LP release. Features all the original 12 stereo tracks -no fillers, no 'alternative' versions -just as originally intended on the initial LP release, back in the groovy '60s Summer of Love. Expertly re-mastered in the studio by Jon Astley (who has worked on recordings by the Who, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison and many others). This superb album now sounds brilliant, far out and groovy in stereo. Repertoire.
1 Care of Cell 44
2 A Rose for Emily
3 Maybe After He's Gone
4 Beechwood Park
5 Brief Candles
6 Hung Up on a Dream
7 Changes
8 I Want Her She Wants Me
9 This Will Be Our Year
10 Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
11 Friends of Mine
12 Time of the Season

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