1. The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash Vinyl Box Set Vinyl
  2. The Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash Vinyl Box Set Vinyl

The Replacements

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

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Twin/Tone Records

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CD and Vinyl Box Set

. Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (2021 Remaster)
1-1. Takin A Ride
1-2. Careless
1-3. Customer
1-4. Hangin Downtown
1-5. Kick Your Door Down
1-6. Otto
1-7. I Bought A Headache
1-8. Rattlesnake
1-9. I Hate Music
1-10. Johnny's Gonna Die
1-11. Shiftless When Idle
1-12. More Cigarettes
1-13. Don't Ask Why
1-14. Somethin To Dü
1-15. I'm In Trouble
1-16. Love You Till Friday
1-17. Shutup
1-18. Raised In The City
. B-Side
1-19. If Only You Were Lonely
. Raised In The City - The Early Recordings
2-1. Try Me (Demo)
2-2. She's Fine (Demo)
2-3. Lookin For Ya (Demo)
2-4. Raised In The City (Demo)
2-5. Shutup (Demo)
2-6. Don't Turn Me Down (Demo)
2-7. Shape Up (Demo)
2-8. I Hate Music (Demo)
2-9. Careless (Studio Demo)
2-10. Shutup (Studio Demo)
2-11. Otto (Studio Demo)
2-12. Get On The Stick (Studio Demo)
2-13. Oh Baby (Studio Demo)
2-14. Raised In The City (Studio Demo)
2-15. Shiftless When Idle (Studio Demo)
2-16. More Cigarettes (Studio Demo)
2-17. You Ain't Gotta Dance (Studio Demo)
2-18. Don't Turn Me Down (Studio Demo)
2-19. Rattlesnake (Basement Version)
2-20. Takin A Ride (Basement Version)
2-21. Lie About Your Age (Basement Version)
2-22. We'll Get Drunk / Customer (Basement Version)
2-23. Johnny Fast (Basement Version)
2-24. Mistake (Basement Version)
2-25. Basement Jam (Rehearsal)
. Tape's Rolling - Studio Outtakes, Alternates & Home Demos
3-1. Carless (Alternate Version)
3-2. Takin A Ride (Alternate Version)
3-3. Shutup (Alternate Version)
3-4. Otto (Alternate Mix)
3-5. Raised In The City (Alternate Version)
3-6. Rattlesnake (Alternate Mix)
3-7. Love You Till Friday (Alternate Version)
3-8. Customer (Alternate Version)
3-9. Somethin To Dü (Alternate Version)
3-10. Johnny's Gonna Die (Alternate Version)
3-11. I'm In Trouble (Alternate Version)
3-12. I Hate Music (Alternate Version)
3-13. We'll Get Drunk
3-14. More Cigarettes (Alternate Mix)
3-15. Get Lost (Instrumental)
3-16. Hangin Downtown (Alternate Version)
3-17. Shutup (Alternate Version 2)
3-18. Somethin To Dü (Alternate Version 2)
3-19. Don't Ask Why (Alternate Mix)
3-20. Kick Your Door Down (Alternate Mix)
3-21. Love You Till Friday (Alternate Mix)
3-22. Johnny's Gonna Die (Alternate Mix)
3-23. Like You (Outtake)
3-24. Get Lost (Outtake)
3-25. A Toe Needs A Shoe (Outtake)
3-26. You're Pretty When You're Rude (Solo Home Demo)
3-27. If Only You Were Lonely (Working Version / Solo Home Demo)
3-28. Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo)
3-29. You're Getting Married (Solo Home Demo)
. Unsuitable For Airplay - The Lost KFAI Concert (Live At The 7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN, 1/23/81)
4-1. Careless
4-2. Takin A Ride
4-3. Trouble Boys
4-4. Hangin Downtown
4-5. Like You
4-6. Off Your Pants
4-7. Get Lost
4-8. Excuse Me
4-9. Customer
4-10. I Wanna Be Loved
4-11. Mistake
4-12. My Town
4-13. Shiftless When Idle
4-14. Oh Baby
4-15. I'm In Trouble
4-16. Johnny's Gonna Die / All By Myself
4-17. More Cigarettes
4-18. Otto
4-19. Don't Ask Why
4-20. Slow Down
4-21. Somethin To Dü
4-22. Love You Till Friday
4-23. Raised In The City
4-24. Rattlesnake
4-25. All Day And All Of The Night
4-26. I Hate Music
4-27. Shutup
. Deliberate Noise - The Alternate Sorry Ma…
A1. Takin A Ride (Alternate Version)
A2. Careless (Alternate Version)
A3. Customer (Alternate Version)
A4. Hangin Downtown (Alternate Version)
A5. Kick Your Door Down (Alternate Mix)
A6. Otto (Alternate Mix)
A7. I Bought A Headache (Alternate Mix)
A8. Rattlesnake (Alternate Mix)
A9. I Hate Music (Studio Demo)
B1. Johnny's Gonna Die (Alternate Mix)
B2. Shiftless When Idle (Studio Demo)
B3. More Cigarettes (Alternate Mix)
B4. Don't Ask Why (Alternate Mix)
B5. Somethin To Dü (Alternate Version 2)
B6. I'm In Trouble (Alternate Version)
B7. Love Tou Till Friday (Alternate Mix)
B8. Shutup (Alternate Version)
B9. Raised In The City (Alternate Version)

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