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The Ocean Blue

See The Ocean Blue

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12" Orange Vinyl

The Ocean Blue was formed in 1986 by four teenagers from Hershey, PA, and quickly achieved widespread acclaim and Top 10 Modern Rock/College Radio & MTV airplay, with hits like "Between Something and Nothing", "Drifting, Falling", "Ballerina Out of Control" and "Sublime". They had releases on Sire and Polygram before taking the independent path. 1996's See The Ocean Blue was the last of the major label releases and is finally being reissued by the band itself.

1 Jouissance
2 Whenever You're Around
3 Out Here
4 Ways & Means
5 Past Future Perfect
6 Bitter
7 Slide
8 10 10 Cloud Deck
9 Behind
10 Bite Your Lip
11 My Scream
12 Cloudy Days
13 Bye

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