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The Knife

Deep Cuts

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The Knife

HEAVYWEIGHT ReissueISSUE OF THE ALBUM THAT INTRODUCED THE WORLD TO the sister and brother duo of Karin and Olof Dreijer. The pop duo The Knife absolutely killed it with the album-opening single, "Heartbeats." The production is densely layered and approaches an anthemic quality that is rarely heard in your standard pop music. Karin's vocals match the song's intensity while adding a sentimental feeling. It's a hard track to top and the rest of the album, still quite amazing in its own right, has a hard time keeping up. Still, though, let's keep talking about "Heartbeats" OK? I mean there is so much going on there. From the shifting, layered melodies to the solid steel drum programming, there is not much out there that can touch it, pop or not. It speaks to the depth of skill of The Knife. You know they got a lot to offer. Brille has done an excellent job with the repress; double 180 gram vinyl in a beautiful pic sleeve, complete with printed inserts. Don't miss it!

The Knife – Deep Cuts (2LP)

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