1. The Gloria Record - A Lull In Traffic Records & LPs Vinyl
  2. The Gloria Record - A Lull In Traffic Records & LPs Vinyl

The Gloria Record

A Lull In Traffic

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The Gloria Record

So The Gloria Record. Take a seat, here’s a quick history lesson for the uninitiated…

Following the demise of the emo band Mineral in 1997, singer/guitarist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez reunited to form The Gloria Record.

Taking an acoustic and more organic approach than their previous work, The Gloria Record was unarguably the logical progression from Mineral’s emo throes – quieter, delicate, and fervently impassioned. Heralded as a “band with big visions and bombastic sounds”, the quintet fostered their admiration for artists with similar arena-sized visions (Radiohead, ReissueM, U2) to produce a sound that was reminiscent of their British contemporaries and American indies.

In 1998 the band released their self-titled EP, followed by the intricate offering of the 2000s A Lull In Traffic and 2002’s full-length effort Start Here, before disbanding after extensive US tours in 2004. Where the Austin, TX-based quintet was not quite the biggest or the loudest slow-driven indie band that helped define the genre, The Gloria Record was the real deal, leaving behind a legacy that grew to form one of the greatest moments in 90s alt-rock.

So you’re now up to date, the band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of A Lull In Traffic, which we’ve now got for a limited re-release on yellow vinyl including an exclusive demo of The Arctic Cat recorded in their practice room in 1999! For you old emo/alt-rock lovers, dive back into this classic record. If you’re new to the party – welcome and enjoy!

The Gloria Record: A Lull In Traffic (12" Yellow Vinyl)

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