1. The Emerald Down - Scream The Sound Vinyl
  2. The Emerald Down - Scream The Sound Vinyl

The Emerald Down

Scream The Sound

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Released in December of 2001, Scream The Sound is The Emerald Down's debut full length CD. With it's huge guitar swells, sexy melodies and fluid vocal harmonies the album's sonic landscape has been compared to bands such as Secret Shine, the Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Curve, Slowdive and Pink Floyd. However, Scream The Sound maintains a raw, loud and dirty edge that makes it appealing to fans of other music genres. Scream the Sound has been receiving rotation on college radio stations in the US, Canada and Europe.The CD was recorded by Andy Bosnak and Laurent Bichara at Engine Studios, Chicago, IL in just four days with no track over dubs except for vocals and some tambourine. For that reason Scream The Sound is a great live capture of the band's sound. Review "Epic" -- Alejandro Alaluf, Losing Today Magazine, 2002 "blissful, gorgeous, ethereal, otherworldly, dreamy, beautiful" -- Clairecords, 2002 "twists and morphs to utter disbelief and total pleasure" -- Andrew Womack, The Morning News, 2002 See more
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