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The Donnas

The Donnas

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Recorded when they were still in high school, The Donnas’ 1997 debut was and will forever be one of the most infectious, sing-along slabs of punk ever waxed. Owing no small debt to the Ramones (all the way down to their sharing of “anonymous” names), the girls gleefully turn the sex, drugs, and rock and roll dials up to 11, except this time it’s the females that are looking for some action (“I wanna huff all night” and “I’m gonna get in his pants tonight” are two representative lyrical lines). And for our Real Gone reissue of this classic, you are getting The Donnas raw and unfiltered…that’s right, we actually scored the original quarter-inch 2-track master tape to the album, so you’re getting an all-analog version of this punk-rock masterpiece. Band commentary just adds to the fun. Natural with black swirl vinyl pressing! A1. Hey I’m Gonna Be Your Girl A2. Let’s Go Mano! A3. Teenage Runaway A4. Lana & Stevie A5. I’m Gonna Make Him (Tonight) A6. Huff All Night A7. I Don’t Wanna Go B1. We Don’t Go B2. Friday Fun B3. Everybody’s Smoking Cheeba B4. Get Rid of That Girl B5. Drive In B6. Do You Wanna Go Out with Me B7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Boy

Side A:

1 Hey I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
2 Let's Go Mano!
3 Teenage Runaway
4 Lana & Stevie
5 I'm Gonna Make Him (Tonight)
6 Huff All Night
7 I Don't Wanna Go

Side B:

1 We Don't Go
2 Friday Fun
3 Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
4 Get Rid of That Girl
5 Drive in
6 Do You Wanna Go Out with Me
7 Rock 'N' Roll Boy

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