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The Decemberists


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2xLP, Album Vinyl !!!

A1. The Infanta 5:07
A2. We Both Go Down Together 3:04
A3. Eli, The Barrowboy 3:11
A4. The Sporting Life 4:38
B1. The Bagman's Gambit 7:02
B2. From My Own True Love (Lost At Sea) 3:42
B3. 16 Military Wives 4:52
B4. The Engine Driver 4:15
C1. On The Bus Mall 6:04
C2. Mariner's Revenge Song 8:45
C3. Of Angels And Angles 2:27
. Picaresqueties
D1. The Bandit Queen (With "Dialogue" And "Tap Dancing") 4:19
D2. Bridges And Balloons 3:13
D3. Constantinople 3:34
D4. The Kingdom Of Spain (Version Prescott) 3:43
D5. The Bandit Queen (Version Prescott) 4:26

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