1. Swervedriver - Future Ruins Records & LPs Vinyl
  2. Swervedriver - Future Ruins Records & LPs Vinyl


Future Ruins

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Dangerbird Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. UK shoegaze legends Swervedriver return on Dangerbird Records with the new album Future Ruins. The follow up to 2015's I Wasn't Born to Lose You presents a band moving with real time and real life vitality, showcasing new tricks alongside classic hallmarks. Future Ruins exhibits Swervedriver's fabled widescreen escapism, but with a tension that echoes the sleeve image of Coney Island in skeletal monochrome, like a post mortem photograph of a failed utopia. "There's a lot of foreboding with regard to the future on this album," says the band's Adam Franklin. "Space is in there a lot too. In the first song ["Mary Winter"], the character is a spaceman who's trying to remember what life is really like. Also, it could be about somewhere in the world where winter isn't like the winter here. A sunny place, but it's December or January and you're trying to remember winter. Something's going on."

 Swervedriver: Future Ruins (Classic Black Vinyl)

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