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Infinite Spring

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Sean Huber, best known as the drummer of the beloved & defunct band Modern Baseball, has been releasing music with his band Steady Hands since 2013. Back for the first time since 2018 with new album"Cheap Fiction," Huber pays homage to all of the deities you'd expect someone with a New Jersey birth certificate and a dog named Bruce to worship, with rollicking saxophone and piano over tales of hard-on-their-luck neighborhoods, and stadium-rock-ready guitar zaps over odes to the misrepresented people of Florida. He grapples with lapsed religion like so many with Irish names have done before him. And he fits in real nicely with the modern heroes of Philadelphia's punk scene, blending the best of heartland rock and straight-up punk with his own penchant for the tropical. Huber's lyrics tell stories of a very real world where people in power use it for evil, the people who need help don't get it, but the person at home makes life beautiful despite it all, and there are plenty of friends to commiserate with. He found inspiration in the world around him, including history and politics books. The album reflects his belief in balance and his ethos that all great comedy is based on truth.
1 Death Motel
2 Florida Man
3 Burn with Me
4 Fairmount Park
5 86Ed at the Rectory
6 Purgatory
7 Living in the City
8 I Miss the Bar
9 Love a Fool
10 Smithereens
11 Cheap Fiction

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