1. Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary Vinyl
  2. Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary Vinyl

Sunny Day Real Estate


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Sub Pop

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Sub Pop continues its quest to own the cassette format by reissuing three more classic Sub Pop titles: On August 5 th , indie-rock legends Sunny Day Real Estate’s acclaimed albums Diary, LP2, and How It Feels to Be Something On make their way onto magnetic tape for the first time since way back in the 1990s. Each cassette has been lovingly repackaged with both quality and affordability in mind.
1 Seven
2 In Circles
3 Song About An Angel
4 Round
5 47
6 Blankets Were the Stairs
7 Pheurton Skeurto
8 Shadows
9 48
10 Grendel
11 Sometimes

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