1. Suicideboys – Long Term Effects Of Suffering Vinyl

Suicideboys – Long Term Effects Of Suffering

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Limited blue-colored vinyl LP pressing.

Long Term Effects of Suffering is the second studio album by hip hop duo Suicideboys, originally released in 2021. Production was handled by member Budd Dwyer. The album was preceded by three singles: "New Profile Pic", "Avalon", and "Materialism as a Means to an End".

1 Degeneration In The Key Of A Minor 2:08
2 If Self-Destruction Was An Olympic Event, I’d Be Tonya Harding 2:22
3 Life Is But A Stream~ 2:02
4 5 Grand At 8 To 1 2:49
5 We Envy Nothing In The World. 2:51
6 Lighting The Flames Of My Own Personal Hell 1:50
7 New Profile Pic 2:07
8 Bleach 2:40
9 Forget It 3:18
10 Avalon 2:20
11 Materialism As A Means To An End 2:46
12 Ugliest 2:58
13 The Number You Have Dialed Is Not In Service 2:45

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