1. Suff Daddy - Hair Of The Dog Vinyl
  2. Suff Daddy - Hair Of The Dog Vinyl

Suff Daddy

Hair Of The Dog

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Jakarta Records

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Berlin based beat powerhouse Suff Daddy is finally back. With "Hair Of The Dog" he has created what may be his best album ever, arriving via Berlin's notorious Jakarta Records. Suff Daddy (578k monthly listeners on Spotify), is one of the legendary beatmakers who shaped a whole era of bedroom producers. His unique approach and musical understanding sets him apart from all the other fish in the pond. He has released countless genre-defining albums and EP's over the past 15 years building a loyal fanbase. Suff Daddy's songs have previously been featured in many editorial playlists including Spotify's "Jazz Vibes", "BUTTER", "Sweet Soul Chillout" and many more. Introducing "Hair Of The Dog," Suff Daddy's musical journey that blends instrumental hip-hop, electronic, and dance genres. This captivating album, produced with his own Suff Style invites listeners to unwind From start to finish. Once again a Suff Daddy album thrives on the pure brilliance of his own way to create music. The album's cover art, masterfully crafted by the renowned painter Mitch, adds an intriguing visual dimension to the experience. Both artists have known each other for a long time and are currently preparing their audiovisual release- event for August 18th in Berlin. Bringing their art together as a unique experience for their audience. The phrase "Hair of the dog that bit you" commonly denotes consuming alcohol as a remedy for a hangover, aiming to alleviate it's effects. Suff Daddy plans to introduce his own hangover solution, which will be plant-based and devoid of alcohol. Through all of his career he frequently played with alcohol references and now it's the perfect timing to release his own hangover cure. Additionally, this endeavor will serve as a social media catalyst for the entire project.

1 Daddy 4 Eva
2 El Pimpi in Palermo
3 Gang Sign (Feat. Emilio Martin)
4 Psycho Mantis
5 Donte Sip
6 Bootsy Call (Feat. Emilio Martin)
7 Actually Definitely Yeah
8 Bonatti Syndrome
9 First Aid Beat
10 Clam Guy
11 Palazzo de Hachazo
12 The Bitter End

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