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  2. Stereolab - Oscillons From The Anti-Sun - Saint Marie Records



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Too Pure

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3 x CD DVD Box Set, Compilation

CD1-1. Fluorescences 3:23
CD1-2. Allures 3:29
CD1-3. Fruition 3:51
CD1-4. Wow And Flutter 3:07
CD1-5. With Friends Like These 5:50
CD1-6. Pinball 3:13
CD1-7. Spinal Column 2:54
CD1-8. Ping Pong (Unreleased LP Version) 3:02
CD1-9. Golden Ball 6:26
CD1-10. Cybele's Reverie 2:56
CD1-11. Nihilist Assault Group [Parts 3,4,5] 7:13
CD1-12. Off On 5:26
CD2-1. Jenny Ondioline 3:53
CD2-2. Young Lungs 6:34
CD2-3. Escape Pod [From The World Of Medical Observations] 3:57
CD2-4. Moodles 7:23
CD2-5. You Used To Call Me Sadness 5:11
CD2-6. Captain Easychord 2:54
CD2-7. Les Aimies Des Mêmes 3:55
CD2-8. French Disco 4:27
CD2-9. Transona Five [Live] 5:42
CD2-10. Moogie Wonderland 3:34
CD2-11. Canned Candies 4:14
CD2-12. Narco Martenot 4:23
CD3-1. The Noise Of Carpet (US Single) 3:07
CD3-2. The Free Design 3:46
CD3-3. Les Yper Yper Sound 5:18
CD3-4. Pain Et Spectacles 3:31
CD3-5. Ping Pong 3:03
CD3-6. Long Life Love 7:06
CD3-7. Jenny Ondioline (Alternate Version) 6:08
CD3-8. Heavy Denim 2:50
CD3-9. Brigitte 5:47
CD3-10. Miss Modular 4:13
CD3-11. Soop Groove #1 13:07
DVD-1. Jenny Ondioline
DVD-2. Ping Pong
DVD-3. Wow And Flutter
DVD-4. Cybele's Reverie
DVD-5. Fluorescences
DVD-6. Miss Modular
DVD-7. The Free Design
DVD-8. The Noise Of Carpet
DVD-9. French Disko (The Word)
DVD-10. Cybele's Reverie (Later With Jools Holland)
DVD-11. Les Yper Sound (Later With Jools Holland)


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