1. Sonic Youth - Washing Machine Vinyl
  2. Sonic Youth - Washing Machine Vinyl

Sonic Youth

Washing Machine

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Washing Machine erased any notion that the band had run out of things to say. Easily their most adventurous, challenging, and best record since Daydream Nation, the album finds Sonic Youth returning to the fearless exploration of their SST records, but the group has found a way to work that into tighter song structures. It's not a commercial record, nor is it a pop record, but Washing Machine encompasses everything that made Sonic Youth innovators.

Side A:

1 Becuz
2 Junkie's Promise
3 Saucer-Like
4 Washing Machine (Side B)
5 Unwind (Side B)
6 Little Trouble Girl (Side B)
7 No Queen Blues (Side B)

Side B:

1 Washing Machine
2 Unwind
3 Little Trouble Girl
4 The Diamond Sea (Side B)

Side C:

1 No Queen Blues
2 Panty Lies
3 Becuz Coda
4 Skip Tracer

Side D:

1 The Diamond Sea

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