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When Dirty was released in 1992, it was seen by many as the band's big move toward the grunge market. Heard today, Dirty doesn't sound like a masterpiece (like Daydream Nation) or a gesture toward the mainstream audience (like Goo) -- it just sounds like a damn good rock album, and on those terms it ranks with Sonic Youth's best work.Hometown: NYC

Side A:

1 100%
2 Swimsuit Issue
3 Theresa's Sound-World
4 Drunken Butterfly
5 Shoot (Side B)
6 Wish Fulfillment (Side B)
7 Sugar Kane (Side B)
8 Orange Rolls, Angel's Split (Side B)

Side B:

1 Shoot
2 Wish Fulfillment
3 Sugar Kane
4 Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
5 Stalker (Side B)
6 JC (Side B)
7 Purr (Side B)
8 Crème Brulee (Side B)

Side C:

1 Youth Against Fascism
2 Nic Fit
3 On the Strip
4 Chapel Hill

Side D:

1 Stalker
2 JC
3 Purr
4 Creme Brulee

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