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Sonic Youth


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2xLP, Vinyl Box Set

A1. 100%
A2. Swimsuit Issue
A3. Theresa's Sound-World
A4. Drunken Butterfly
A5. Genetic
B1. Shoot
B2. Wish Fulfillment
B3. Sugar Kane
B4. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
C1. Youth Against Fascism
C2. Nic Fit
C3. On The Strip
C4. Chapel Hill
C5. The Destroyed Room
D1. Stalker
D2. JC
D3. Hendrix Necro
D4. Purr
D5. Crème Brulee
E1. Is It My Body
E2. Personality Crisis
E3. The End Of The End Of The Ugly
E4. Tamra
F1. Little Jammy Thing
F2. Lite Damage
F3. Dreamfinger
F4. Barracuda
G1. New White Cross
G2. Guido
G3. Stalker
G4. Moonface
H1. Poet In The Pit
H2. Theoretical Chaos
H3. Youth Against Fascism
H4. Wish Fulfillment

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