1. Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries Vinyl
  2. Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries Vinyl

Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries

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2LP Classic Black Vinyl

7 years after their last studio album, The Inevitable End, and their farewell to the traditional album format, Röyksopp unveils Profound Mysteries, an expanded creative universe and a prodigious conceptual project. In 2022, they embark on a new chapter in their career and musical oeuvre, exploring technology and nature in a similar fashion as in their youthful days in Tromsø, but with added profundity. "As human beings, what we don't know vastly overshadows what we do know. As teenagers, we would discuss our own fascination and preoccupation with the infinite and the impossible - the most profound mysteries of life." After stepping on a lot of puffball mushrooms out in the forest and emerging from an organic cloud of dust, they deliver their most extensive work to date and reveal once more why only Röyksopp is Röyksopp.

(Nothing But) Ashes… 1:53
The Ladder 5:34
Impossible 6:28
This Time, This Place… 7:44
How The Flowers Grow 5:44
If You Want Me 5:39
There, Beyond The Trees 6:23
Breathe 4:37
The Mourning Sun 6:09
Press «R» 0:52

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