1. Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader Vinyl
  2. Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader Vinyl

Ross The Boss

New Metal Leader

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Twenty years after the release of Manowar's classic Kings Of Metal album, Ross continues his legacy with an album that displays his charismatic writing style. Fist-pounding, foot-stomping metal a-la "Battle Hymns" and "Hail To England," New Metal Leaders is a record that will satifisy old and new fans alike. Album was produced by Tarek Maghary (Majesty) and mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler (Primal Fear). About the Artist Performing since the early 70's Ross has seen music through its changing cycles. Originally as a member of The Dictators, he is best known for his work as co-founder of Manowar. As the band's main songwriter and guitarist, his work can be found on the band's first six albums. While New Metal Leaders does feature his name in the billing, Ross confirms it is a full band and one that is dedicated and determined to satisfy their immediate fan base.
1 I.L.H.
2 Blood Of Knives
3 I Got The Right
4 Death & Glory
5 Plague Of Lies
6 God Of Dying
7 May The Gods Be With You
8 Constantine's Sword
9 We Will Kill
10 Matador
11 Immortal Son

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