1. Robert Earl Keen - Live Dinner Reunion Vinyl
  2. Robert Earl Keen - Live Dinner Reunion Vinyl

Robert Earl Keen

Live Dinner Reunion

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180 gram vinyl LP pressing. Music Icon Robert Earl Keen is set to release the highly-anticipated new double disc album inspired by his acclaimed No. 2 Live Dinner originally recorded live and once again captured at America's legendary dancehall, John T. Floore's Country Store, in the beautiful hill country of Helotes, Texas. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of No. 2 Live Dinner, Dualtone will release Live Dinner Reunion, a collection of Keen's biggest hits and buddy collaborations. Joining Keen on stage for the historic event were Joe Ely, Cory Morrow, Cody Canada, Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly, Bruce Robison and former college room-mate and touring compadre, Lyle Lovett.

Side A:

1 Cody Canada Tells It Like It Is (Live)
2 Feelin' Good Again (Live)
3 Gringo Honeymoon (Live)
4 State of Thanks Address (Live)
5 I Gotta Go (Live)
6 Lucky Weather (Live)
7 This Old Porch (Feat. Lyle Lovett) [Live]
8 T for Texas (Feat. Lyle Lovett) [Live]
9 Write a Drinking Song (Live)
10 Hot Corn, Cold Corn (Live)
11 Cory's Story (Live)
12 I'll Go on Downtown (Feat. Cory Morrow) [Live]
13 Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas (Feat. Brian Duckworth & Mark Patterson) [Live]
14 Bruce Robison on the Money (Live)

Side B:

1 No Kinda Dancer (Feat. Bruce Robison) [Live]
2 Boys in the Band (Live)
3 Shade of Gray (Live)
4 Deliverance Dry Cleaning (Live)
5 Ninety Nine Years for One Dark Day (Live)
6 Wild Wind (Feat. Cody Braun) [Live]
7 Merry Christmas from the Fam-O-Lee (Live)
8 Corpus Christi Bay (Live)
9 Lonely Feelin (Feat Cody Canada) [Live]
10 Grateful Cred (Live)
11 The Road Goes on Forever (Feat. Joe Ely) [Live]

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