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  2. Resplandor - Pleamar Records & LPs Vinyl



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Saint Marie Records

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Black Vinyl

One of the very last copies taken from my personal collection. I would not be selling this but I am raising money to open a physical record store. Thank you for the support!

A1. Solar 5:52
A2. Downfall 4:22
A3. Raindrops 5:41
A4. Breathe 4:32
B1. Oeste 4:59
B2. Boreal 5:22
B3. Pleamar 6:43
B4. Whisper 3:19
C1. Twilight 7:22
C2. Breathe (Ian Catt Remix)
C3. Twilight (Ian Catt Remix)
D1. Bocanada (Faraway Whispers From The Sea Darko Saric Remix) 4:34
D2. Pleamar (Wherever You Are Darko Saric Remix) 4:34

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