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Double vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Louisville-based avant-garde chamber group Rachel's present the vinyl debut of their 2003 full-length album systems/layers. This double LP album release also includes the vinyl debut of Rachel's 2005 EP, Technology Is Killing Music. Numerous recording sessions make up systems/layers, home recordings, field recordings, and several large ensemble sessions with members of the Louisville Orchestra. Preliminary work for systems/ layers began in 1997, when Rachel's took to the streets of NYC armed with a DAT recorded in search of interesting sounds. This project, intended to address the issues of modern urban life, was set aside while other projects kept the band's attention. However, when Rachel's started working with the innovative New York based SITI theatre group in 2000, these recordings were given an environment to be completed. Included on last side of this 2 x LP release, Technology Is Killing Music is an ideal companion to systems/layers. Assembled in the same cut up style, this 20-minute EP is a long-form suite comprised of material sourced from studio sessions, live performances and field recordings.

Side A:

1 Moscow Is in the Telephone
2 Water from the Same Source
3 Systems/Layers
4 Expect Delays
5 Arterial

Side B:

1 Even/Odd
2 Wouldn't Live Anywhere Else
3 Esperanza
4 Packet Switching
5 Where_Have_All_My_Files_Gone?
6 Reflective Surfaces
7 Unclear Channel

Side C:

1 Last Things Last
2 Anytime Soon
3 Air Conditioning/A Closed Feeling
4 Singing Bridge
5 And Keep Smiling
6 4 or 5 Trees
7 NY Snow Globe

Side D:

1 Technology Is Killing Music

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