1. Piano Magic - Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet Vinyl
  2. Piano Magic - Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet Vinyl

Piano Magic

Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

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Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet, Piano Magic's 11th official album sees them emerging from beneath the wreckage of previous guitar-heavy releases to re-investigate the darker, more electronic sonic themes of their earlier work. Instant parallels will inevitably be drawn with the ghostly chamber pop of 1999's Artists Rifles and the even-earlier surreal romanticism of Low Birth Weight. At the core, once again, Glen Johnson's unashamedly nihilistic ruminations on the human condition, though now shrouded in foggy analogue synth washes, pulsing heart beats, cathedral reverbs and Joe Meek-esque spectral vox. Indeed, this is an album of beautiful, indispensable baroque ghostliness, of disconnected hearts and oceans. Touchstones would be the new, airless beauty of Regis and Raim; the timeless gravitas of Dead Can Dance and the urban, though melodic isolationist output of late 70's/early 80's Factory Records.
1 Matin
2 Judas
3 The Slightest of Threads
4 Sing Something
5 Chemical (20MG)
6 Lost Antiphony
7 Life Has Not Finished with Me Yet
8 (The Way We Treat) the Animals
9 Jar of Echoes
10 Higher Definition
11 You Don't Need Me to Tell You
12 A Secret Never Told
13 (Reprise)

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