1. Phil Ochs - A Hero Of The Game Vinyl
  2. Phil Ochs - A Hero Of The Game Vinyl

Phil Ochs

A Hero Of The Game

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Vinyl LP pressing of this rare live recording. During this December 1965 radio broadcast, Phil plays just one already-released song - a version of 'Power And the Glory', from ALL THE NEWS... Several of the numbers included would remain unreleased for many years before finally being issued on retrospective collections. 'Morning' - which had been cut in demo form in 1963 - was not released until the FAREWELLS & FANTASIES album released in 1997, whilst 'Song of My Returning' and 'City Boy', both languished in the vaults until 1986's a TOAST TO THOSE WHO ARE GONE. The highlight of this WBAI broadcast is the debut of Phil's classic track, 'Crucifixion' (issued on 1967's PLEASURES OF THE HARBOUR) which had been written while on tour in the UK the previous month. The song is allegorical, combining as it does images of John F. Kennedy and Christ.
1 Song of My Returning
2 White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land
3 Changes
4 Crucifixion
5 Cannons of Christianity
6 Joe Hill
7 City Boy
8 Positively (Not) 4th Street
9 Power and the Glory
10 Morning (Experiment in Jazz Chords)
11 Morning

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