1. Our Lady Peace - Collected: 1994 - 2022 Vinyl
  2. Our Lady Peace - Collected: 1994 - 2022 Vinyl

Our Lady Peace


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Our Lady Peace

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This new compilation for Record Store Day 2023 features eighteen of the biggest tracks from Our Lady Peace along with two never-before-released rarities. It’s all presented in a limited, double 180g clear vinyl die-cut sleeve edition, remastered from the original recordings with stampers cut from band-approved lacquers. Includes the big hits from their albums Gravity, Clumsy, Naveed, Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch, Spiritual Machines, Healthy In Paranoid Times, Curve, Somethingness and Spiritual Machines 2. In February, Record Store Day Canada announced Our Lady Peace as the 2023 Record Store Day Canada Ambassadors.

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