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With Absolution, Muse continues to expand on their unique rock sound with complex guitars, transition-laden rock anthems with melodic harmonics Described in All Music Guide as ".. the emotional intensity and style of Radiohead, a rock thunder descended from Black Sabbath, and the baroque drama of Queen..." Muse switched gears with new producer Rich Costey, creating a smoother more polished sound. The album had plenty of punch to satisy their hard core fans, while the musicianship of Absolution garnered critical praise and a new legion of fans who couldn't get enough of the powerful anthemic rock and the mind-blowing live shows that set Muse apart from the pack.

Side A:

1 Intro
2 Apocalypse Please
3 Time is Running Out
4 Sing for Absolution

Side B:

1 Stockholm Syndrome
2 Falling Away with You
3 Interlude
4 Hysteria

Side C:

1 Blackout
2 Butterflies and Hurricanes
3 The Small Print

Side D:

1 Endlessly
2 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
3 Ruled by Secrecy

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