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Black Vinyl A1. Babel 3:28A2. Whispers In The Dark 3:15A3. I Will Wait 4:36A4. Holland Road 4:13A5. Ghosts That We Knew 5:39A6. Lover Of The...

Black Vinyl

A1. Babel 3:28
A2. Whispers In The Dark 3:15
A3. I Will Wait 4:36
A4. Holland Road 4:13
A5. Ghosts That We Knew 5:39
A6. Lover Of The Light 5:14
B1. Lovers' Eyes 5:21
B2. Reminder 2:04
B3. Hopeless Wanderer 5:07
B4. Broken Grown 4:16
B5. Below My Feet 4:52
B6. Not With Haste 4:09