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  2. Motörhead - Kiss Of Death Vinyl


Kiss Of Death

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Motörhead’s 18th studio album Kiss Of Death continued the heavy, blistering sound evident on its Cameron Webb-produced predecessor, Inferno. Originally released on 29th August 2006, it charted at number 4 in Germany, the band’s highest position to date there. The album featured guests Mike Inez from Alice In Chains and C.C. Deville from Poison, and will be available as silver vinyl.

Side A:

1 Sucker
2 One Night Stand
3 Devil I Know
4 Trigger
5 Under the Gun
6 God Was Never on Your Side

Side B:

1 Living in the Past
2 Christine
3 Sword of Glory
4 Be My Baby
5 Kingdom of the Worm
6 Going Down

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