1. Morgan Wallen - One Thing At A Time Vinyl
  2. Morgan Wallen - One Thing At A Time Vinyl

Morgan Wallen

One Thing At A Time

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3 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Bone

A1. Born With A Beer In My Hand
A2. Last Night
A3. Everything I Love
A4. Man Made A Bar
A5. Devil Don't Know
A6. One Thing At A Time
B1. '98 Braves
B2. Ain't That Some
B3. I Wrote The Book
B4. Tennessee Numbers
B5. Hope That's True
B6. Whiskey Friends
C1. Sunrise
C2. Keith Whitley
C3. In The Bible
C4. You Proof
C5. Thought You Should Know
C6. F150-50
D1. Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)
D2. I Deserve A Drink
D3. Wine Into Water
D4. Me + All Your Reasons
D5. Tennessee Fan
D6. Money On Me
E1. Thinkin' Bout Me
E2. Single Than She Was
E3. Days That End In Why
E4. Last Drive Down Main
E5. Me To Me
E6. Don't Think Jesus
F1. 180 (Lifestyle)
F2. Had It
F3. Cowgirls (feat. ERNEST)
F4. Good Girl Gone Missin'
F5. Outlook
F6. Dying Man

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