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Blackened Records is the new label for all of Metallica's repertoire. The audio for this release is identical to the WB counterpart. The tune stacks are also identical.

Side A:

1 Fuel
2 The Memory Remains
3 Devil's Dance
4 The Unforgiven II
5 Better Than You
6 Slither
7 Carpe Diem Baby
8 Bad Seed
9 Where the Wild Things Are
10 Prince Charming
11 Low Man's Lyric
12 Attitude
13 Fixxxer

Side B:

1 Better Than You
2 Slither
3 Carpe Diem Baby

Side C:

1 Bad Seed
2 Where The Wild Things Are
3 Prince Charming

Side D:

1 Low Man's Lyric
2 Attitude
3 Fixxxer

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