1. Mental Cruelty - Purgatorium Vinyl
  2. Mental Cruelty - Purgatorium Vinyl

Mental Cruelty


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German-based metal unit Mental Cruelty from Karlsruhe present the re-release of their 2018 debut album Purgatorium which gained traction on the underground slam and extreme metal scenes. The record is available here on gatefold 180g vinyl LP with remixed and remastered audio from Mental Cruelty's in-house engineer and guitarist Nahuel Lozano who spiced up the original mix with a more modern sound to get those "slams" as brutal as possible. Purgatorium is a must-have record for all true slam lovers and showcases the immense skills of the band right out of the gate!

Side A:

1 Chapter I: The Rotting World Above
2 Chapter II: The Rise of the Antichrist
3 Vicarius Filii Dei
4 Father of Abomination

Side B:

1 Genesis (Lies from the Beginning)
2 The Venerable One
3 Immortalising Purgatory
4 The Incantation of Human Annihilation

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