1. Konami Kukeiha Club - Esper Dream 1 + 2 Vinyl
  2. Konami Kukeiha Club - Esper Dream 1 + 2 Vinyl

Konami Kukeiha Club

Esper Dream 1 + 2

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Vinyl, LP, *Unsure Of Vinyl Color

. Esper Dream
A1. What's Your Name?
A2. That's Esper Dream
A3. Village Theme
A4. Shop Theme
A5. Mayor's House (Part 1)
A6. Mayor's House (Part 2)
A7. Zako Battle
A8. Boss Battle
A9. Level Up!
A10. Alice! I'm Glad You Were Safe!
A11. Dungeon Dream
A12. Continuation Of The Dream... Mumble Mumble!?
. Esper Dream 2
A13. What's Your Name?
A14. Hello, Fairy!
A15. Library Theme
A16. "Sacred Torch" Stolen
A17. Village Theme
A18. Lisa's Song
A19. Port Town Theme
A20. Attacked Port Town
A21. Underwater Dungeon Theme
A22. Undersea Cave Theme
B1. Time Traveling Train Journey
B2. PANIC! Panic! Panic!
B3. Heeelp!
B4. Train Station Theme
B5. Black Mantle Theme
B6. Special Express Go! Go!
B7. Magnet Factory Theme
B8. Room Of Iron And Steel = Tetsuko No Heya?
B9. Burning Underground
B10. Mount Crystal Theme
B11. A Wandering Heavenly Palace... "Ohh, Mother"
B12. Scary Library Underground
B13. Boss's Room
B14. Dream Destroyer Appears
B15. The Last Battle
B16. After The New Battle...
B17. I Long For... #1
B18. I Long For... #2
B19. Peace! Peace! Level Up!
B20. Stage Clear Theme
B21. General Shop Theme "How Much Would This Be?"
B22. Weapon Shop Theme "What's The Price?"
B23. Inn Theme
B24. I'll Stay
B25. I'll Chop You Down!
B26. It's Boss Battle
B27. I've Beat Them!


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