1. King Crimson - Absent Lovers Vinyl
  2. King Crimson - Absent Lovers Vinyl

King Crimson

Absent Lovers

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Recorded in it's entirety, this is the first live King Crimson album that includes such classics as "Elephant Talk," "Heartbeat," "Matte Kuasai" and "Sleepless." This is the 3rd in the King Crimson archive series following Epitaph (Live in 1969) and the Night Watch (Live in 1973). Track highlights include: "Entry OF the Crims," "Industry," "Red," "Sartori of Tangier," "Man with An Open Heart" and more! Review ...Lovers is as weird and rarefied as larks' tongues in aspic. -- Entertainment Weekly

Side A:

1 Entry of the Crims
2 Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part III)
3 Thela Hun Ginjeet
4 Red
5 Matte Kudasai
6 Industry
7 Dig Me
8 Three of a Perfect Pair
9 Indiscipline

Side B:

1 Sartori in Tangier
2 Frame By Frame
3 Man with An Open Heart
4 Waiting Man
5 Sleepless
6 Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part II)
7 Discipline
8 Heartbeat
9 Elephant Talk
10 [CD-ROM Track]

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