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JUSTIFIED won the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. The album was also nominated for Album of the Year. "Cry Me a River" won for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. JUSTIFIED may represent Justin Timberlake's attempt to break out of the boy band mold and be taken seriously as a musician, but N Sync and, more specifically, ex-beau Britney Spears continue to serve as red flag reminders of these specific times. Ballads like "Never Again" and "Nothin' Else" bear the markings of classic break-up songs but, far from licking his wounds throughout the rest of this debut, Timberlake includes a number of cuts that celebrate being single including the Timbaland-produced cut "Right for Me" and equally the thumping "Rock Your Body." Other names this teen idol nabbed in a quest for credibility are red-hot producers the Neptunes and P. Diddy. In keeping an R&B element as the touchstone for this debut, Timberlake dishes out a number of surprisingly stellar songs including the very mellow, Stevie Wonder-flavored "Nothin' Else," Latin-soaked "Senorita," and infectious "Like I Love You." in delivering such a mature record, Justin Timberlake has created a springboard to bigger and better future projects.

Side A:

1 Señorita
2 Like I Love You
3 (Oh No) What You Got
4 Take It from Here
5 Cry Me a River
6 Rock Your Body
7 Nothin' Else
8 Last Night
9 Still on My Brain
10 (And She Said) Take Me Now
11 Right for Me
12 Let's Take a Ride
13 Never Again

Side B:

1 Take It From Here
2 Cry Me a River
3 Rock Your Body

Side C:

1 Nothin' Else
2 Last Night
3 Still On My Brain

Side D:

1 (And She Said) Take Me Now
2 Right For Me
3 Let's Take A Ride
4 Never Again

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