Joseph Haydn - Great Men Of Music Vinyl Box Set Vinyl

Joseph Haydn

Great Men Of Music

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4 x Vinyl, LP, CompilationBox Set

. Symphony No. 69 In C Major ("Il Distratto")
. Piano Sonata No. 33 In C Minor
. Trumpet Concerto In E Flat Major
. String Quartet No. 34 In D Major, Opus 20, No. 4
. Symphony No. 88 In G Major
. Piano Sonata No. 50 In D Major
. String Quartet No. 76 In D Minor, Opus 76, No. 2 ("Quinten")
. Symphony No. 93 In D Major
. "The Creation"
. Mass No. 12 In B Flat Major ("Harmoniemesse")

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