1. Iwrestledabearonce - Its All Happening (RSD) Purple Vinyl
  2. Iwrestledabearonce - Its All Happening (RSD) Purple Vinyl


Its All Happening (RSD) Purple

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Reissued in partnership between Limited Run Vinyl and Century Media

Engineered/Produced by Ryan Boesch (Norma Jean). Long out-of-print on vinyl Mastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound Includes 12x18 poster & 12x12 full color lyrics insert June through September 2008, their single, "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" appeared on the Sirius Hard Attack radio station "Devils Dozen" list as high as No. 4 in the 12 most requested songs It's All Happening reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and No. 122 on the Billboard 200 chart upon it's release in 2009. "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" "adds a full fledged disco beat to the otherwise very heavy sounding grindcore composition Following the release, headlined tours with Miss May I among others and supported other acts like Architects. "Taste Like Kevin Bacon" has 7 million views on Youtube Another song from the band has 13 million views on Youtube This album has 3 songs on Spotify with 1-2.5 million streams ABOUT THE ALBUM Debut album on Century Media Records from the electro-metal-trip-hop-dance-jazz pioneers from Shreveport, LA, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. Produced by Ryan Boesch (Norma Jean), get your booties on because metal just got way more interesting. After signing to Century Media, the group released It's All Happening 2009 which subsequently reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and No. 122 on the Billboard 200 chart. Iwrestledabearonce combines the elements of brutal metal, hardcore and mathcore with some ambient music and electro beats and a good dose of humor. This means spastic, hectic music with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The record is loaded with cool beats and samples, adding to the mayhem even more. Topping off all this noise are female vocals that range from grunts to screams, but also clean sung passages which makes the whole of the band a bit poppy, be it that there are some heavy as &%#@ breakdowns and bashing metal parts. It looks like there is fun for everyone on It's All Happening! The album segues from guitarists Steven Bradley and John Ganey's syncopated spastic riffs to dance-floor-ready rhythms and beats courtesy of bassist Mike "Rickshaw" Martin and drummer Mikey Montgomery. Above this explosion of styles, vocalist Krysta Cameron screams with precise brutality, before crooning out hauntingly ethereal passages. On cuts like "Danger in the Manger" and "You Ain't No Family," her voice swings like a sledgehammer from bludgeoning to beautiful. The band's charm lies in their sonic sense of ADD - catapulting "The Cat's Pajamas" and "Pazuzu For The Win" from battle-ready math metal to danceable hip-hop doused in jazz for good measure. Available exclusively at Record Store Day in partnership with Limited Run Vinyl & Century Media Records.

1 You Ain't No Family
2 White Water in the Morning
3 Danger in the Manger
4 I'm Cold and There Are Wolves After Me
5 Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
6 The Cat's Pajamas
7 Pazuzu for the Win
8 Black-Eyed Bush
9 Eli Cash Vs. the Godless Savages
10 See You in Shell

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