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Last Place

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2017 album from the alt-rock outfit. Last Place is a perfect addition to the band's celebrated, critically-acclaimed catalog that includes their breakthrough sophomore album, Sophtware Slump, and their debut, Under the Western Freeway. It's a symphonic swirl of lo-fi sonics and mile-high harmonies, found sounds and electronics-gone-awry mingling with perfect, power pop guitar tones. Lytle's voice sounds as warm and intimate as ever, giving graceful levity to the doomsday narratives that have dominated the Grandaddy output. Last Place is written, performed, and produced by Jason Lytle. Grandaddy formed in Modesto, CA in 1992, and after four albums disbanded in 2006. Jason Lytle relocated to Montana, where he happily made two solo albums, and reconnected with the natural world around him. Eventually, though, life uprooted him again, taking him to Portland, Oregon until he eventually returned to his former home of Modesto. The return to California was practical (he needed to be near his bandmates) but also appropriate, as he had started writing songs that he felt would be fitting for another Grandaddy album. Cut # 4 on the CD "Oh She Deleter :(" is in fact on the digital download card included in the LP.

Grandaddy: Last Place ( Limited Colored Vinyl Pressing)

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