1. Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will Vinyl
  2. Gil Scott-Heron - Free Will Vinyl

Gil Scott

Free Will

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Limited vinyl LP reissue of Gil Scott-Heron's 1972 album. The album is special as one side consists of songs - all but one written with Brian Jackson - and the flipside is of poetry. Both forms showcase the political and the personal, in a way where even the time-specific lyrics transcend their era. Gil and Brian are backed an all-star band consisting of Bernard Purdie, Gerry Jemmott, Hubert Laws and David Spinozza. These help bring out the pathos in the achingly sad 'Did You Hear What They Say' - one of Gil's finest pieces of writing.
1 Free Will
2 The Middle of the Day
3 The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues
4 Speed Kills
5 Did You Hear What They Said?
6 The King Alfred Plan
7 No Knock
8 Wiggy
9 Ain't No New Thing
10 Billy Green Is Dead
11 Sex Education: Ghetto Style
12 And Then He Wrote Meditations

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