1. Frank Black Francis - Frank Black Francis Vinyl
  2. Frank Black Francis - Frank Black Francis Vinyl

Frank Black Francis

Frank Black Francis

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Demon Records

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2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Reissue, White

. Black Francis Demo
A1. The Holiday Song 1:54
A2. I'm Amazed 1:25
A3. Rock A My Soul 1:50
A4. Isla De Encanta 1:39
A5. Caribou 3:00
A6. Broken Face 1:21
A7. Build High 1:26
A8. Nimrod's Son 2:08
B1. Ed Is Dead 2:45
B2. Subbacultcha 2:45
B3. Boom Chickaboom 2:33
B4. I've Been Tired 3:10
B5. Break My Body 1:55
B6. Oh My Golly 1:59
B7. Vamos 2:14
. Frank Black Francis
C1. Caribou 3:09
C2. Where Is My Mind? 3:41
C3. Cactus 2:41
C4. Nimrod's Son 3:01
C5. Levitate Me 2:01
C6. Wave Of Mutilation 2:25
C7. Monkey Gone To Heaven 3:49
C8. Velouria 4:35
D1. The Holiday Song 2:21
D2. Into The White 3:24
D3. Is She Weird? 3:51
D4. Subbacultcha 2:56
D5. Planet Of Sound 14:56

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