1. Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Tango In The Night Records & LPs Vinyl
  2. Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Tango In The Night Records & LPs Vinyl

Fleetwood Mac

The Alternate Tango In The Night

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2x12" Classic Black Vinyl

Fleetwood Mac will release Tango In The Night – Alternate for “Record Store Day” on April 21st. The LP, which was released as part of last year’s deluxe expanded version of the 1987 album, will be limited to 4000 copies on vinyl LP. Tango In The Night – Alternate features 13 unreleased tracks, including the alternate version of “Mystified,” a demo for the album’s title song, plus the rare b-sides: “Down Endless Street” and “Ricky.” Tango In The Night, which is the band’s second biggest selling album, spawned four hit singles “Little Lies” (#4), “Big Love” (#5), “Everywhere” (#14), and “Seven Wonders” (#19).

Although Lindsey Buckingham now saves songs from his solo sessions for prospective Fleetwood Mac-related projects, he recalled that during the time of Tango In The Night, it was literally the opposite way around for him and the band: “The Tango In The Night album has tracks on it that were the beginnings of my third solo record. And I started that, and the group sort of moved in and said, ‘Hey, we gotta do this.’ So the song ‘Big Love’ switched gears and got into the group thing. There was more than one time when I was tempted to sort of go out and leave the group — but it’s like anything else; you have to check your own impulses and make sure that you’re really doing the right thing and you’re ready for it.”

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