1. David Bowie - Live in Berlin [1978] Records & LPs Vinyl
  2. David Bowie - Live in Berlin [1978] Records & LPs Vinyl

David Bowie

Live in Berlin [1978]

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Live In Berlin (1978) was an eight-song mini-album sold in 2018 at the David Bowie Is exhibition in Brooklyn, New York City.

The music was recorded on 16 May 1978 at the Deutschlandhalle in West Berlin, during Bowie’s Isolar II tour. The front cover features a shot taken by fan Antoine Loogman at the show.

The audience was seated throughout the show, although a single fan in the front row stood to dance during ‘Station To Station. A military man, also at the front, signaled to security to stop the fan, but Bowie ordered them to leave him. The singer’s protestations were ignored, so Bowie halted the band – telling them “No! Nein! Stop!” – until they let the boy go.

The sound quality was below the normal standard of Bowie’s live releases, which was reflected in a note on the rear cover which read:

These recordings have been mastered from the only available source to provide the best quality possible. We hope the historical importance of the recordings outweighs any imperfections inherent in the source and does not detract from your enjoyment of the performances.

The album was produced for release by Nigel Reeve for Warner Music, and Aisha Cohen for RZO Music.

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