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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Sugaregg roars from the speakers and jumpstarts both heart and mind. The third Bully album, Sugaregg, may not ever have come to fruition had Alice Bognanno not navigated every kind of upheaval imaginable and completely overhauled her working process along the way. The artist admits that finding the proper treatment for bipolar 2 disorder radically altered her mindset, freeing her from a cycle of paranoia and insecurity about her work. "Being able to finally navigate that opened the door for me to write about it," she says, pointing to the sweet, swirly "Like Fire" and slower, more contemplative songs such as "Prism" and "Come Down" as having been born of this new headspace. Even small changes like listening to music instead of the news first thing in the morning "made me want to write and bring that pleasure to other people." Ultimately, Sugaregg is a testament that profound change can yield profound results - in this case, the most expressive and powerful music of Bognanno's career. "This is me longing to see the bigger picture, motivated and eager for contentment in the best way," she says. "I hope the happy go lucky/fuck-it-all attitude shines through some of these songs because I really did feel like I was reentering a place I hadn't been to in a while and was excited to be back there."

Side A:

1 Add It On
2 Every Tradition
3 Where to Start
4 Prism
5 You
6 Let You

Side B:

1 Like Fire
2 Stuck in Your Head
3 Come Down
4 Not Ashamed
5 Hours and Hours
6 What I Wanted

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