1. Blonde Redhead - 23 Vinyl
  2. Blonde Redhead - 23 Vinyl

Blonde Redhead


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As rich and densely layered as their last album, "Misery Is A Butterfly", but the overall mood of wistfulness, melancholy, and regret has been replaced by one of mystical wonder and renewed energy. "It's art music and heart music, with equal appeal to a Serge Gainsbourg fan as to a Sonic Youth fan, without ever sounding like either act" - LA Times. "An otherworldly, richly cinematic adventure" - Q Magazine.

1 23
2 Dr. Strangeluv
3 Dress
4 S.W
5 Spring and By Summer Fall
6 Silently
7 Publisher
8 Heroine
9 Top Ranking
10 My Impure Hair

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