1. Bark Psychosis - Independency Records & LPs Vinyl
  2. Bark Psychosis - Independency Records & LPs Vinyl

Bark Psychosis


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Bark Psychosis

Hidden Art Recordings present the first-time vinyl release of the Bark Psychosiscompilation Independency, originally released in 1994. Bark Psychosis is an English band often considered to be a key post-rock band. Independency is a collection of singles from the band cut before their debut album Hex (1994). The collection features their highly acclaimed, landmark single called "Scum", a 21-minute ambient piece improvised and recorded live at St John's Church. Forming in 1986. Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, especially for vinyl. New artwork layout. 180-gram vinyl; red vinyl.LPx2 - 180 Gram Red Vinyl.

Bark Psychosis: Independency (2x12" Red Vinyl)

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