· By Wyatt Parkins


First off, this is a record that everyone should listen to. Everyone! It is not only one of the best I have heard this year, but it will put you in a great mood. Not just because of BLEED's shoegaze and metal blend, but because of the immense energy and passion these guys put into their music. This EP is just 4 tracks long and clocks in at just under 14 minutes, which makes for perfect listening if you are on your way to work or school and want something fun with a nostalgic vibe.

"thick fuzz driven guitars and catchy melodies that stick with you long after the music stops playing"

If you're a shoegaze fan, or even if you're just someone who enjoys the sound of metal on occasion, I'd recommend checking out BLEED's new album SOMEBODY'S CLOSER. The album is excellent for anyone who loves thick fuzz driven guitars and catchy melodies that stick with you long after the music stops playing. In other words: BLEED with the beautiful energy of SOMEBODY'S CLOSER and share it with others!

"feels like a journey through time and space."

It's easy for moments to get lost when we're just listening to music on our phones or laptops at home. With its crisp production quality (and cover art), SOMEBODY'S CLOSER ensures that doesn't happen here. Listeners can get lost in Hughes' imaginative world without losing themselves altogether. Instead, the album feels like a journey through time and space—one where the only things that matter are getting there fast, loud and having fun along the way.

"the shoegaze and metal vibe of BLEED would suit any music lover"

The album starts with the song "Burnt (By the Sun)," which has a dreamlike quality if your dream involves an intense explosion of sound. This song demonstrates how well BLEED can create a mood by playing around with different sounds and instruments to simultaneously create unique pieces that are both beautiful and powerful. For example, around 1:00 into the song, there is a short part where the drums drop into half-time. (Doubling the intervals between drum hits to create the illusion of a slower tempo.) It makes for a stimulating effect because you focus on hearing this one sound against everything else. Then, when it returns to normal again, it feels like something has changed in your brain structure from listening so intently during this brief shift…brilliant! I believe the shoegaze and metal vibe of BLEED would suit any music lover.

"just enough to leave you wanting more"

The 4 tracks on this EP are just enough to leave you wanting more from the band. And we will definitely be looking for more releases from them in the future. So give BLEED a listen, and if you like them even half as much as us, follow them on Spotify and Instagram.



If you really like them and are a vinyl nut like we are, be sure to pick up a copy of the vinyl edition. It is just stunning!

Deep Purple w/Baby Blue Splatter

Classic Black Vinyl

SOMEBODY'S CLOSER is an album that you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy every minute but don't blink, or you'll miss it. The band has an excellent sound, mixing heavy guitars with melodic vocal lines, creating an album that is both aggressive and beautiful at the same time.