1. Various - Wheedle's Groove Vinyl
  2. Various - Wheedle's Groove Vinyl


Wheedle's Groove

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Double vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 compilation of rare Seattle Soul and Funk. Decades before Grunge, Seattle was a city with a deep Soul tradition. Wheedle's Groove takes you back to Seattle's badass days of Funk and Soul with music from original 45s and songs recorded by the legendary NW sound engineer Kearney Barton. This album gives you 18 choice cuts of ultra-rare Seattle Funk, Jazz, and Soul from all of the era's prime movers and shakers including Black on White Affair, the Overton Berry Trio, Soul Swingers, the Johnny Lewis Trio, Ron Buford, and Patrinell (Pastor Pat Wright) Staten.
1 Black on White Affair - Bold Soul Sister Bold Soul Brother
2 Soul Swingers - Brighter Tomorrow
3 Cookin' Bag - This Is Me
4 Ron Buford - Deep Soul Pt. 1
5 The Overton Berry Trio - Hey Jude
6 Robbie Hill's Family Affair - I Just Want to Be (Like Myself)
7 Cold Bold & Together - (Stop) Losing Your Chances
8 Broham - Nothing in Common
9 The Johnny Lewis Trio - Cissy Strut
10 Patrinell Staten - Little Love Affair
11 Black on White Affair - a Bunch of Changes
12 The Topics - Louie Louie
13 Annakonda - Wheedle's Groove
14 Cookin' Bag - the Song I Sing
15 Cold Bold & Together - Somebody's Gonna Burn Ya
16 Soul Swingers - Ca' - Ba' - Dab'
17 Patrinell Staten - I Let a Good Man Go
18 Black on White Affair - Auld Lang Syne
19 Ca'-Ba'-Dab
20 I Let a Good Man Go
21 Auld Lang Syne

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