1. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 Vinyl
  2. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 Vinyl

Janet Jackson

Rhythm Nation 1814

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The impending 30th anniversary of September 1989’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (12x platinum worldwide) and featuring the hit singles 'Miss You Much', 'Rhythm Nation', and 'Escapade', and will be properly recognized with a first-time 2LP standard-black upgrade that restores the album’s previously missing interludes and unedited tracks.

Side A:

1 Interlude: Pledge (Side A)
2 Rhythm Nation (Side A)
3 Interlude: T.V. (Side A)
4 State Of The World (Side A)
5 Interlude: Race (Side A)
6 The Knowledge (Side A)
7 Interlude: Let's Dance (Side B)
8 Miss You Much (Side B)
9 Interlude: Come Back (Side B)
10 Love Will Never Do (Without You) (Side B)
11 Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make) (Side B)

Side B:

1 Alright (Side A)
2 Interlude: Hey Baby (Side A)
3 Escapade (Side A)
4 Interlude: No Acid (Side A)
5 Black Cat (Side A)
6 Lonely (Side B)
7 Come Back To Me (Side B)
8 Someday Is Tonight (Side B)
9 Interlude: Livin ...In Complete Darkness (Side B)

Side C:

1 Alright
2 Interlude: Hey Baby
3 Escapade
4 Interlude: No Acid 5
5 Black Cat

Side D:

1 Lonely
2 Come Back to Me
3 Someday Is Tonight
4 Interlude: Livin... in Complete Darkness

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